DJ/Host of The AZTLAN OLDIES Show - Anthony 'Indio' Sanchez ¡Órale Raza!

The AZTLAN OLDIES SHOW is hosted by Anthony "Indio" Sanchez who hails from ESSJ (East Side San Jose) and who proudly shares his love of Oldies y la musica Mexicana with amigos y familia all over the globe.

Growing up in East Side San Jose, walking distance to  KING & STORY  Anthony has a deep education in Oldies and Lowriders.

His music education came from spending time with his father who was a dedicated Oldies collector who played incredible soulful hits.   Songs from labels like Motown, Atlantic and Stax to little known Northern Soul outfits.  And the playlists would never be complete if they did not include Chicano recording artists, Tejano oldies y puro viejas canciones de mariachi.

From the 1970s onward Anthony's dad and many of his primos from San Jose to Santa Ana exposed him to Funkadelic, Soul, R&B and rare hard to find Oldies that would become legendary in the Chicano and Lowrider communities.

    "I remember going to the San Jose Flea Market in the late 1970s and early to mid 1980s with my dad looking for old 45's and LPs.   He had booths he'd visit that no one would know about, booths and tents that held super rare soul recordings that would come to define the Chicano Music scene.   I recall one day, when my dad landed a stack of incredible 45's by looking through box after box.   These were oldies from the likes of Frankie Karl & The Dreams, Jimmy Clanton, Sunny & The Sunliners, The Sinceres and so many more.   My dad had an incredible collection of songs.

    "Later on in 1995 I was completely surprised when I met my cousin Alberto Lopez (LOWRIDER MAGAZINE) at the Super Show in Sacramento and I hadn't realized that he was the very person behind THUMP RECORDS along with his partner Bill Walker.   As Alberto and I walked through the booths at the car show, he handed me a huge stack of oldies and old school CDs which brought me so much joy reminding me of my pops; CDs that I still bump to this day!"

    "All of those memories are what inspire me to make AZTLAN OLDIES a new outlet for Chicano music.   Something to give back to the new generation."

The AZTLAN OLDIES SHOW is dedicated to ALL people and Lowriders out there who simply love great music.


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